Mile High Green Cross

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Mile High Green Cross

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About Mile High Green Cross

Mile High Green Cross is an award winning medical marijuana dispensary in the heart of Denver, with recreation coming soon (Check back June 2015)! We are one of the first top shelf dispensaries to service Denver since 2009! Our organic dispensary offers a large selection of organic soil based cannabis, marijuana infused products, as well as accessories to suit your everyday needs. Our seed to sale growth production allows us to offer our patients and customers the highest level of cannabis, at a competitive price.



  • Indica

    Gold Rush

  • Satvia

    Banana Kush
    Skunk Berry
    Afghani Kush
    Purple Cherry Soda
    Pac 10
    Holy Grail Kush
    Darth Maul

  • Hybrid

    Pink Lady
    Jack Herer
    Sour Grape
    Bio Diesel
    Fire OG
    Kandy Kush
    Bubble Yum

  • Concentrate

    Bio Diesel Shatter
    NYCD Shatter

  • Tincture

    Lemon Skunk
    Bio Diesel
    Bubble Yum
    Purple Grail
    OG 18
    pac 10

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