Denver Relief Consulting

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Denver Relief Consulting

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About Denver Relief Consulting

Since 2010 Denver Relief Consulting’s mission has been to cultivate quality cannabis operations and progressive industry leaders committed to advancing best practices and the perception of the cannabis community. We work with carefully selected clients and partners to develop custom advocacy and business strategies based on models we’ve successfully implemented and continuously improve upon in Colorado and across North America. Through the promotion of government collaboration, industry best practices, hyper-compliance, environmental stewardship, and community integration, Denver Relief Consulting exists to further progressive, entrepreneurial advocacy in the pursuit of responsible cannabis policy reform.



  • Indica

    Ultimate Chem Dawg
    Ultimate Chem Dawg Organic
    Reserva Privada
    LA OG
    Tahoe OG

  • Sativa

    Super Lemon Haze
    Island Sweet Skunk
    DJ Short's Flo
    Durban Poison
    Golden Goat
    Outer Space
    Sour Diesel

  • Hybrid

    Blue Dream
    Lemon Diesel
    Bio - Diesel

  • Edible

    Marqaha Take Flight Mist
    Dixie Chocolate Truffles
    Incredibles Fire Berry After Dark Bar (300 Mg)
    Incredibles A Mile Higher Bar (300 mg)
    Mountain High Suckers Lozenges
    Incredibles Mile High Bar (175 mg)
    Gaia Garden Sugar-Free Drops
    Gaia Garden Patty Peppermint
    Incredibles Monkey Bar (100 mg)
    Gaia Garden Lozenges
    Gaia Garden Sugar-Free Dark Chocolates
    Incredibles Boulder Bar (100 mg)
    Gaia Garden Karma Kandy
    The Growing Kitchen Go-Chi Ball
    The Growing Kitchen Zoom Ball
    The Growing Kitchen Chill Pills
    Mountain High Suckers (Sugar-Free)
    Mountain High Suckers
    Gaia Garden Mini Cloud Nine Bar
    Denver Relief Olive Oil (250 mL)
    The Growing Kitchen MaryMint Spray (375 mg)
    Incredibles IncrediPills
    Bhang Fire Chocolate Bar (180mg)
    Bhang Ice Chocolate Bar (180mg)
    Cheeba Chews THC/CBD Chocolate Taffy
    The Growing Kitchen Choclava (200 mg)
    Bhang Milk Chocolate Bar (120mg)
    Blue Kudu (225 mg)
    Incredibles Peanut Budda Buddha Bar (200 mg)
    Denver Relief Olive Oil (180mL)
    Bhang Dark Chocolate Bar (120mg)
    Bhang Toffee Chocolate Bar (120mg)
    Organalabs Cannatabs
    OG Essential Capsules (135mg)
    The Growing Kitchen Terrific Chocolate Chunk Cookie
    Incredibles Cookies and Cream Bar (100mg)
    The Growing Kitchen Fantastic Brownie
    Blue Kudu Coffee Crunch
    Blue Kudu (100mg)
    Gaia Garden Peppermint Bark
    Denver Relief Olive Oil (60mL)
    Julie and Kate Granola Bar
    Gaia Garden Buddha Brownie
    Julie and Kate Seed Mix

  • Concentrate

    OrganaLabs CO2 Honey Extracted Oil
    Stay Concentrated Solventless Wax
    Essential Extracts Solventless Hash
    Stay Concentrated Solventless Hash

  • Drink

    Cannapunch OMG Bold (151 mg)
    OMG CannaPunch (100 mg)
    Cannapunch Sons of Sativa (200 mg)

  • Tincture

    MarQaha Tincsure
    Canyon Cultivation Drop-It Tincture (375mg)
    Dixie Dew Drops (Flavored Tinctures)

  • Gear

    O.Pen 500mg Cartridge
    Bonjour Torch
    Bio-Diesel Hats
    Bio-Diesel shirts
    Dolezal Hand-Blown Glass Paddles
    Green Team shirts
    Elements Aficionado
    Zig-Zag joint roller
    RAW Joint Roller
    Denver Relief lighters
    Elements king size papers
    Raw Papers
    Wickit Hempwicks
    Raw tips
    KindTray Granddaddy
    KindTray Sifter
    Atmos Raw Vape Pen
    KindTray Dab Pad
    Action Bronson Micro G Vaporizer Pens
    Micro Vaped
    JoyeTech eVic Vape Pen
    KindTray Dab N' Go
    The Game Jesus Vape Pen
    GV1 - Vape Pen
    Atmos Jr. Vape Pen
    Cloud Vape 2.0
    KindTray Flowerbox
    Camo Vape Pen
    GV3 Vape Pen
    Dolezal Designs - Hash Tray / Dabber Combo
    Blazer spitfire torch
    Micro Globe - 3 pack of replacement nails
    KindTray Nug Out
    Atmos Jr. heating chamber
    Dolezal Designs - Fancy Bats
    Dolezal Designs - Fancy Spoons
    KindTray J Tray
    Dolezal Designs - Fume Spoons
    O.Pen 250 mg Cartridge
    GV1 - Globe
    Dolezal Designs - Fume Bats
    Dolezal Designs - Mini Spoons
    O.Pen 150 mg Cartridge
    Cloud Vape Atomizer
    Raw 300s papers
    Metal Dabber
    Newport Butane
    Raw cones
    Glass Mason jar
    Raw pre rolled tips
    Elements Regular Size Papers

  • Topicals

    Dixie Botanicals Pain Relief Salve 1.3 oz
    Dixie Botanicals Snake Oil - 1 oz
    The Growing Kitchen Mary Way Salve 2.5oz
    Dixie Botanicals Snake Oil - 2oz
    Mary Medicinals Transdermal Patches
    The Growing Kitchen Mary Way Salve .5 oz
    MarQaha Vanilla Hemp Balm

  • Wax

    TC Labs Headband Nug Run Shatter
    TC Labs Ultimate Nug Run Shatter
    TC Labs DieselBand Nug Run Shatter
    TC Labs DieselBand Nug Run Wax

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