Ann Arbor Health Patient Collective

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Ann Arbor Health Patient Collective

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  • Indica

    Grand Daddy Purple
    Girl Scout Cookies
    Organic OG Kuch
    Sugar Cookies
    Twilight Alto
    Purple Grapefruit
    Fire Og
    Grape Ape
    Ken's Grand Daddy Purple
    Sensi Star

  • Sativa

    Red Congo
    Grass Valley Haze
    Infinite Euphoria
    Sour Diesel
    Super Silver Haze

  • Hybrid

    JV 86
    Ultimate Shake
    Cherry Pie
    Jilly Bean
    Cannatonic 4
    Organic Blue Dream

  • Clone

    Call For Availability

  • Gear

    Stok: Vaporizer Pen
    Prometheus Small
    Digital scales
    60x Led Microscope
    The Da Vinci
    Assorted Glass Pieces
    Stationary Digital Vaperizor

  • Topicals

    The Health Club Weed-Eaze Ointment Small
    The Health Club Sugar Scrub
    The Health Club Lip Balm

  • Preroll

    Sour Diesel Pre Roll
    Sensi Star
    Thai Grapefruit
    Purple Grapefruit

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