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About 3DMMC

It’s no coincidence that 3D Cannabis Center is ground zero for the legalization of recreational cannabis. Our founder, Toni Savage Fox, has been an advocate for both medical and recreational cannabis for the past two decades. Her love and passion for this incredible plant is ingrained in 3D at every level, from seed to sale. When customers step inside a 3D Cannabis Center they are bearing witness to the realization of Toni’s lifelong dream of legal, safe, high quality cannabis.



  • Indica

    Prez Kush

  • Sativa

    Lemon Skunk

  • Hybrid

    Island Sweet Skunk
    Juicy Fruit
    SFV Headband
    Orange Kush
    C4 (Chem Dawg)

  • Edible

    Dixie X Synergy - 100mg
    Dixie Dew Drops
    Dixie Pain Relief Balm (2oz.) - 100mg
    Dixie Therapeutic Bath Soak (10 oz.) - 100mg
    Dixie Truffles - 100mg
    Dixie Elixir 75mg
    Dixie X Scrips ( 10 Pills) - 10 mg
    Dixie Pain Relief Lotion (4oz.) - 100mg
    Dixie X Scrips (4 pills) - 25mg
    Sarsaparilla Elixirs - 75 mg
    Dixie Colorado Bar - 100mg
    Love Oven Baked Goods
    Dixie Massage Oil (2oz.) - 100mg
    Dixie Scrips Thc/Cbd
    Dixie Mints (10) - 100mg
    Mandarin Elixirs - 40 mg
    Dixie AM Mints (10) - 100mg
    Dixie Rolls 100mg
    Dixie Truffles - 50mg
    Dixie Elixir 40mg

  • Concentrate

    Dixie Dust

  • Clone


  • Seed

    Seeds Strain specific 3pk
    Seeds Mix 6pk

  • Gear

    Glass Swiss Perk Bong 18"
    Glass Large Oil Rig w/ Titanium nail
    T Vape Vaporizer
    Glass Spin Perk Bong 15"
    Atmos Jewel Vaporizer
    Titto Vaporizer hot box
    Atmos Raw
    Atmos Junior
    Atmos Thermo
    Titanium Smoke-less nail
    Glass Small Oil Rig
    Glass Bong
    Magic (Ego T)
    Glass Bubbler Large
    Glass Pipe - $40
    Atmos Heating Chamber
    Big Torch
    Glass Oil dome
    Grinder Metal with Clear Top
    Glass Pipe - $30
    Scale - $25
    Smokebuddy (personal air filter)
    T Shirts
    Glass Oil 16mm-18mm adapter
    Disposable Vaporizer
    Glass Pipe - $20
    Grinder Metal
    Wolff Bag
    Magic Atomizer
    Glass Pipe - $15
    Scale MS 600
    Glass Chillum
    Torch Small
    Grinder Handmuller
    Glass Stash Jars - Decorated
    Glass Necklace Pipe
    420 Cleaner
    Safer Book
    Raw King size roller
    Scale- $10
    Glass Ashtray
    Marijuana is Safer Book
    Atmos Glass Screen
    Tincture Belle - Medicated Lotion & Soap Set
    Elements Rolling Machine
    Glass Black Pipe Holder
    Raw regular size roller
    Dab Tools
    Grinder Plastic
    Lighter Buddy
    Element King Size Rolling papers
    Raw King size papers
    Cone Packs
    Raw Regular papers
    Element Rolling Papers
    Lighter Bic
    Brass Screen
    Raw Rolling Tips
    Lighter Side-light

  • Preroll

    Lemon Skunk Prerolls
    Island Sweet Skunk Prerolls
    Golden Goat Preroll
    Orange Kush Preroll
    Prez Kush Preroll
    Deadhead Prerolls
    SFV Headband Preroll
    Cookies Preroll
    Blueberry Preroll
    Kool Fuel Prerolls

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