1944 Ocean

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1944 Ocean

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  • Indica

    Platinum God's Gift
    Platinum OG KUSH
    San Fernando Valley OG
    Fire OG Kush
    Master Kush (Organic)
    Granddaddy Purple - 1/4 (8grams) for $70 and $250 ounce special !!!!

  • Sativa

    Jungle Diesel
    Green Crack (organic)
    Sour Diesel

  • Hybrid

    Platinum Cookies
    Pink Champagne
    Super Silver Haze
    1944 Ocean House Girl Scout Cookies - $320 ounce special !!!!!
    Headband (Organic)
    Blue Dream
    Blue Dream Special
    Barry White

  • Edible

    Hashey's Cherry Bomb with Pop Rocks Dark Chocolate Bar (420 mg)
    500 Bite - 40x Fudge Cake - 500mg THC
    40X Cheese Crackers - 514mg - gluten free/sugar free
    Hashey's Hybrid Blueberry Dark Chocolate Bar (200 mg)
    Hashey's Hybrid Peppermint Dark Chocolate Bar (200 mg)
    Hashey's Roasted Almond Dark Chocolate Bar (200mg)
    Hashey's Hybrid Orange Dark Chocolate Bar (200 mg)
    EdiPure Gummi Pink Grapefruit 250mg
    EdiPure Peach Tarts 250mg
    Hashey's Indica Ron Burgundy Kush Dark Chocolate Bar (160 mg)
    Kiva Bar 180mg (Vanilla Chai milk chocolate)
    Kiva Bar 180mg (Blackberry dark chocolate)
    EdiPure Sour Gummi Bears 250mg
    EdiPure Gummi Cherry Cola Bottle 250mg
    EdiPure Gummi Cherry Bombs 250mg
    Bhang Milk Chocolate Bar (120 mg)
    Bhang & the Bite" 3X Chewy Chocolate Truffle
    Morsel 4-Pack
    Bhang Toffee Dark Chocolate Bar (120 mg)
    Cheeba Chew CBD
    10x Savory Pretzels - 127 mg THC - sugar free/vegan
    Cheeba Chew Indica
    10x Caramel Corn - 127mg THC - gluten free
    Cheeba Chew Sativa
    9X Chocolate Toffee Brownie Bite - 112mg THC
    EdiPure Gummi Red Delicious Apples 100mg
    EdiPure Gummi Pink Grapefruit - 100mg
    100 Bite- 8X Triple Chocolate Brownie Bite-100 THC
    7X Chilli Lime Peanuts - 88mg THC - gluten free/sugar free/vegan
    Hashey's Indica Ron Burgundy Kush (80 mg)
    5 X Mint Chip Brownie Bite - 60mg THC
    EdiPure Pineapple Pieces 100mg
    EdiPure Lemon Drops 100mg
    Uncle Wally's Kushkies
    EdiPure Gummi Sweet 'n Sour - 100mg
    Gummi Cares Singles - Sativa
    and CBD
    Better Brownie
    5 X Chocolate Peanut Butter Brownie - 59mg THC
    Vegan/Gluten Free Ginger cookie
    5 x Chocolate Chip Bite - 51 mg THC
    Gold Caps (35mg)
    Soft Salted Caramel
    Pecan Shortbread (sugar free)
    Morsel individual

  • Concentrate

    Gold Pen 2.0 Cartridge (0.75g)
    Gold Pen Refill cartridge
    Pure Gold
    O-Pen Vape Cartridges 250mg (Indica
    Sour Diesel Oil Syringe
    OG oil syringe
    Girl Scout Cookies Syringe
    Blue Cheese Honeycomb
    Headband Honeycomb
    Fire OG Honey Hash
    Thin Mint Syringe
    Blue Haze Shatter
    OG Kush Shatter
    Jack Herrer Hash
    Blackberry Bubble Hash
    Headband Hash
    FLO Honey
    Cherry Pie Kief

  • Tincture

    CBD Tincture (23 to 1 CBD:THC)
    Gold Mist (sublingual spray tincture)
    Oriental Express tincture (sativa)

  • Gear

    Omicron vaporizer pen
    Gold Pen
    Joyetech Vaporizer pen
    O.pen Premium CO2 oil Cartridges (250 mg)
    Glass dome skillet
    W9 Tech cartiridge

  • Topicals

    MJ2X 1/2 OZ salve

  • Preroll

    Sunset Sherbert

  • Wax

    Fire OG wax
    Headband Honeycomb
    Blue Cheese Honeycomb
    Blueberry Shatter
    OG Kush Shatter
    Blue Haze Shatter

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