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1 OFFICIAL Ranked Collective on Weedmaps



  • Indica

    Gen-1 OG
    Redrum OG
    Herojuana OG
    Chunky Crunch OG
    Jedi Og
    Grape Ape
    Blackberry Kush
    * Daily Special* Pre 98 Bubba
    Charlie Sheen OG
    Purple Afghan Kush
    Fire King OG
    Yoda Og
    Church Kush
    Private Reserve OG
    House Mix
    Fire OG
    *Daily Special* Raskal Og
    Purple Princess
    707 Skywalker OG
    *Daily Special* Romulan
    Indica Shake
    Purple Shake
    Bubba Kush
    XXX OG

  • Sativa

    Death Star
    Pineapple Haze
    Golden Pineapple
    *Daily Special* Trinity Lavendar
    Super Lemon Wreck
    Jack Herer
    Blue Dream
    Ultra Cannatonic
    AC DC
    Blue Jay
    Dream Queen
    Bruce Banner
    *Daily Special* Cannatonic
    Cinderella 99
    707 Sour Diesel
    707 Blue Dream
    Mixed Sativa Shake
    *Daily Special* Chem dawg
    Jack the Ripper

  • Hybrid

    House Shake

  • Edible

    Tetra Gold Caps (5) 35mg
    Tetra Labs Gold Mist Spray
    Tetra Labs Goldcaps (5) 25mg
    Ganja Juice Bud Booster
    Tetra Labs Goldcaps (8) 10mg
    Ganja Juice 2X Butter 4 Oz
    Bhang Bars! x3
    Venice Cookie Co. 12x Chocolate Macaroon Chunk
    Venice Cookie Co. 420 Bars
    Hubby Chocolate Bars (All Flavors)
    Melt In Your Mind Caramel Popcorn
    The Venice Cookie Co. - Vegan Sativa Butter Cookies
    The Venice Cookie Co. - Bagel Bites
    Mother Natures Cure Oil Pills
    Baked Krispies Treats
    Venice Cookie Co.-Taj's Cute Lil Tootsies (3 Pack)
    Melt In Your Mind Peanut Butter Bar
    The Venice Cookie Co. - The Cookie Brownie
    Baked Killer Goldfish
    Venice Cookie Co. Raw Vegan Chocolate
    Canna Strips Reg Strength (2 pk.)
    Melt In Your Mind ChocoMint Bar
    Humble Farms Honey Stix
    The Venice Cookie Co. - Peace Krispie Treat
    Baked- Hard Candy
    The Venice Cookie Co. Subtle Tea
    BaKed - Caramels
    Baked Lollipops - Assorted Flavors
    Real Scientific Hemp Oil 3 Gram Tube
    Real Scientific Hemp Oil 1 Gram
    Ganja Juice Super Butter
    Tetra Gold Caps (5) 50mg
    Rick Simpson Hemp Oil- Captain Kratom CBD Capsules
    Auntie Dolores- The 500mg Bite Fudge Cake
    Auntie Dolores Italian Cheese Cracker
    Venice Cookie Co. Not so Virgin Olive Oil
    North West Coconut Butter
    Blacktop Organic Edibles Chocolate Sauce
    Cheeba Chews Deca Dose
    North West Honey Pot
    Venice Cookie Co.- Blackberry Honey Pot
    Venice Cookie Co.- Sour Apple Honey Pot
    Stratosphere Nuts Over Hash 2x
    KIVA Bars
    MediZen Gummy Products
    Stratosphere Cluster Bomb 2 pack
    Bud Barber OG Bar 120mg
    The Venice Cookie Co.- Peppermint Patty 180mg
    Kiva Terrea Espresso Beans
    Bhang Bars! X2
    Cheeba Chew CBD
    Melt in Your Mind- Cheesecake
    Aunt Dolores Chocolate Toffee Brownie
    Blacktop Organic Edibles- Peanut Butter
    Stratosphere Peanut Brittle
    Venice Cookie Co. Cannabis Quenchers
    Blacktop Organic Edibles Apple Juice
    Canna Strips Max Strength (2 Strips)
    Chronic Tonic Drinks
    Stratosphere Edibles- Cherry Bomb
    Stratosphere Nuts Over Hash
    Cheeba Chews Quad Dose
    Auntie Dolores' Caramel Corn
    Blacktop Organic Edibles Pineapple Juice
    Aunt Dolores Pretzles
    Auntie Dolores- Chile Lime Peanuts
    Brown Bag Bakery Brownies
    Stratoshpere Edibles- Budder Bomb
    Brown Bag Bakery Krispie Treats
    Southbay OG Wax Brownie
    Melt In Your Mind M&M Cookie
    Humble Farms- Great Granny's Old Fashion Browine
    Melt in Your Mind- Lemon Bars
    Melt in Your Mind- S'mores
    Melt in Your Mind- White Raspberry
    Bud Barber- OG Bar 60mg
    Ganja Juice Pt Shot Coffee DARK roast
    Melt In Your Mind Chocolate Chip Cookie
    Brown Bag Bakery Cookies
    Aunt Dolores 100 Bite Brownie
    Ganja Juice Pot Shot Tea- 4 pack
    Ganja Juice Pot Shot Tea- 2pack
    Ganja Juice Pot Shot Coffee MILD roast
    Venice Cookie Co. Brownie Bite 1/2 dose

  • Concentrate

    Pure Gold
    Eureka Headband 1.5g Concentrate Cartridge
    Eureka Jack 1.5ml Concentrate Cartridge
    Eureka Sour Diesel 1.5g Concentrate Cartridge
    Eureka Sour Purple 1.5ml Concentrate Cartridge
    Eureka Banana OG 1.5g Concentrate Cartridge
    Eureka Blue Dream 1.5g Concentrate Cartridge
    Eureka Master Kush 1.5g Concentrate Cartridge
    Eureka Skywalker OG 1.5g Cartiridge
    Eureka Louis XIII OG 1.5g Cartridge
    Eureka True OG 1.5g Concentrate Cartridge
    Eureka OG Kush 1.5g Concentrate Cartridge
    Eureka Girl Scout Cookies 1.5g Concentrate Cartridge
    Sunset OG Fullmelt
    Kosher OG Fullmelt
    Yoda OG Fullmelt
    Sour OG Fullmelt
    Lemon Diesel Bubble
    LA Con Bubble
    Sour Diesel Kief
    Jack Herer Kief
    LA Con Kief
    Sour Diesel Bubble
    Skunk Bubble
    Himalayan Skunk Bubble
    Jack Herer Bubble
    Fire OG Bubble
    Purple Kush Bubble
    Maui Wowie Bubble
    Master Kush Bubble
    Blue Dream Bubble

  • Drink

    Chronic Tonic Paradise Punch
    Chronic Tonic Blue Raspberry
    Chronic Tonic Orange Orbit
    Chronic Tonic Grape Galaxy
    Chronic Tonic Lazy Lemonade
    Ganja Juice 4-Pk Pot Shot Tea (Assorted Flavors)
    The Venice Cookie Co. Subtle Tea (Assorted Flavors)
    Ganja Juice 2-pack Pot Shot Tea (Assorted Flavors)
    Venice Cookie Company Drink (Grape
    Pink Lemonade & Cherry)
    Ganja Juice Coffee Dark Roast
    Ganja Juice Coffee Mild Roast

  • Tincture

    Thc Tincture
    Seabdex CBD 18 to 1 tincture!

  • Gear

    Portable Pen Vaporizer by Eureka
    Cloud Concentrate Vaporizer
    Easy Vape Deluxe Digital Vaporizer
    Titanium Nail 18x18
    Metal Grinder w/ Handle
    Glass Wands
    Scorch Torch
    EZ Vape Whip
    Card Grinders
    Wax Tool
    Honey Comb Hemp Line Hemp Stick
    Acrylic Grinder
    Glass pipes
    Glass Nug Jar
    Boveda Large Humidity Pack
    Downstem Attachment 14x14
    Cone Papers -3 Pack
    Honeycomb Glass Screens
    Honey Comb Hemp Line Hemp Wicks
    Bic Lighters
    1/4 Rolling Papers
    Boveda Small Humidipak
    Metal Pipe Screens (3-Pack)
    Medium Resealable Smell Proof Bags
    Tetra Labs Gold Pen
    Cloud PENZ Vaporizer
    Titanium Nail 14x14
    Big Bubbler
    Metal Grinder w/o Handle
    RXhale Disposable Vaporizer
    Concentrate Rig- Pipe
    Bub Barber Lotion
    Concentrate Rig- Bubbler w/glass nail
    Cloud Atlas
    Vaped Titanium Dabber
    Medium Bubbler
    Ganja Juice Massage Oil
    Down stem Attachment 18x18
    Mini Bubbler
    Long Pipe
    Metal Mini Grinder
    Ganja Juice Soap
    Honey Comb Hemp Line Hemp Spool
    Cloud Coil Replacements
    Cloud Flower Atomizers
    Medium Glass Pipe
    Cloud 9 Butane
    Colibri Butane
    Zilla Butane
    Dab Tools
    Glass Chillum
    Ganja Juice Lip Balm
    Orange Chronic Bong Cleaner
    Cloud Mouth Piece Replacement
    Glass Nail
    5 Hour Energy Drink
    Honey Comb Hemp Line Hempwick Sleeves
    Lighter Leashes
    Raw Rolling Papers
    Large Resealable Smell Proof Bag
    Juicy J Blunt Wraps
    Small Resealable Smell Proof Bag

  • Topicals

    Ganja Juice Rub | Hemp-Infused Massage Oils
    Ganja Juice Soap
    Ganja Sticks - Lip Balms
    Bud Barber Lotion

  • Preroll

    Special House Blend
    Herojuana OG
    Golden Pineapple
    Charlie Sheen OG
    Blue Dream

  • Wax

    BAMF Silver Surfer Nug Run Shatter
    HGH SFV OG Cannabis Cup Entry
    HGH Oro Liso
    GCE White Walker OG
    HGH Dreamy OG
    PX Mango OG Nugz
    SSE Cotton Candy OG
    PX Jack Royal Nugz
    South bay OG
    Crippler OG
    SSE Candy Og
    PX Cherry Bubba
    PX Earth OG
    PX Dead Head OG
    PX Liberty Haze Nugz
    SSE Banana OG
    Skywalker OG
    Sour Diesel
    PX Blue Dragon
    PX Dream Queen
    Green Lights Wax
    PX Sour Diesel
    PX Girl Scout Cookies
    PX Blue Dream
    Jack Herer Wax
    Purple Kush Wax
    Blueberry Jam Wax
    PX Master Kush
    GCE Grape Ape
    WCC Cure OG
    WCC Bhombline 2 Strains OG
    BAMF Girl Scout Cookies Solvent Free
    BAMF True OG Solvent Free
    GCE NYC Diesel
    Sugar Tang
    WCC Bhombline Cure OG
    WCC Green Crack shatter
    WCC King Louis Budder
    WCC Cotton Candy Kush
    HGH Blue Green Dreams Shatter
    SSE Cannatonic
    GCE Louis XIII OG
    Clear Concentrates Tahoe OG
    Clear Concentrates Tangalo Kush
    HGH Silver Surfer Budder
    WCC Lemon OG
    GCE Tahoe OG
    GCE Skywalker OG
    Clear Concentrates Blue Dream
    Clear Concentrates Strawberry Cough
    HGH Silver OG Budder
    HGH Blueberry OG Nug Run Crumble
    GCE Fire OG
    SSE Herojuana OG Oil
    Lemon OG Wax

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