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The Mobile Caregiver's Handbook

This book is the definative guide on the subject of Medical Marijuana Delivery. Robert Calkin uses his 25+ years of experience and has based his book on original cirriculum he wrote for Oakerterdam University. You will get an overview of the Medical Marijuana Industry and a step by step method to start your own Medical Marijuana Delivery Service.

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Marijuana Grower's Handbook

The all new Marijuana Grower’s Handbook shows both beginners and advanced growers how to grow the biggest most resinous, potent buds! This book contains the latest knowledge, tools, and methods to grow great marijuana – both indoors and outdoors. Marijuana Grower's Handbook will show you how to use the most efficient technology and save time, labor, and energy

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CannabinoidsExperimental Pharmacology

Cannabinoids -- Experimental Pharmacology The present book is an outstanding summary of many aspects of cannabinoid research. It provides current knowledge about the pharmacology and therapeutic potential of cannabinoids as well as knowledge about the pharmacology, physiology, and pathology of the endogenous cannabinoid systems. The chapters are written by scientists who have made or are still making major contributions to the field. This book may well help generate novel ideas on how to approach the study of emotions.

Medical Cannabis JournalVol 1

The Medical Cannabis Journal is a scientific journal published for patients, by patients. Check out this very 1st Issue! FREE to download.