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Zen Acupuncture and Pain Management
3004 19th Street , Metairie , LA 70002
2:00 PM - 5:00 PM
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Listed On: March 4th, 2020
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Medical Cannabis legality is on a state-by-state basis. Currently Louisiana Medical Cannabis is legal for residents of Louisiana only. Patients from non-LA states are restricted from the program.

Federally, Cannabis is a Schedule I drug, but the Rohrabacher-Blumenaur Amendment is a federal legislation that prevents the Justice Department from interfering with state Medical Cannabis laws. It became law in December 2014.

About Us
Currently in Louisiana, the qualifying medical conditions which Medical Cannabis can legally treat are:
- Autism

- Cachexia (wasting syndrome)

- Cancer

- Chronic or Intractable Pain

- Crohn's Disease

- Epilepsy

- Glaucoma


- Muscular Dystrophy

- Multiple Sclerosis

- Parkinson's Disease

- Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)

- Spasticity

- Seizure Disorders

First-Time Patients
Please have all past medical record available for your condition.


Once the patient has seen the physician, and Medical Cannabis recommendation is agreed upon, paperwork will be faxed to the dispensary.


There are 11 Medical Cannabis dispensaries in Louisiana. The dispensary serving the New Orleans area is located at:


H&W Drug Store

4718 Paris Avenue, New Orleans LA 70122

Tel: 504-301-2363


Once a Cannabis Recommendation is faxed, you'll have to pick the medication up at the dispensary.


Please bring a valid Louisiana identification.

Currently, Medical Cannabis is available in tinctures only. The tinctures come in three dosages:

- THC-Rich Sublingual Tincture 300mg THC/30mL (10mg THC/mL)

- Balanced 1:1 Sublingual Tincture 150mg CBD: 150mg THC/30mL (5mg CBD: 5mg THC/mL)

- CBD-Rich Sublingual Tincture 1200mg CBD:60mg THC/30mL (40mg CBD: 2mg THC /mL


Product pricing depends on the dispensary, but it is between $100 to $150 per 30 mL bottle (one month's supply)


In the future, more products may be available including Oral thin films (like Listerine strips), Medical Lozenges (like cough drops), and Meter dose inhalers (like Asthma inhalers).
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