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Total Health Clinic
610 Guilbeau Rd , Lafayette , LA 70506
10:00 AM - 10:00 PM
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Listed On: March 4th, 2020
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Is Total Health Clinic Right for Me?
Attempting to understand the ever-changing laws is a challenging task. At THC, our goal is to demystify and bring understanding to non-addictive, non-opioid treatment options. Read on to find out more about the conditions that are eligible for our programs.

Total Health Clinic
The Healthier Choice
Total Health Clinic LLC


Multiple Sclerosis
There is a growing amount of evidence to suggest that agriculturally-centered medicine may be useful in suppressing specific symptoms of multiple sclerosis and spinal cord injury, including spasticity and pain.

Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) symptoms include recurrent re-experiencing of the trauma, sleep problems, irritability, anger, poor concentration, blackouts and a phobia of places, people and experiences that remind the sufferer of the trauma. Total Health Clinic seeks to help those whose PTSD symptoms could be successfully soothed with plant-centered capsules, tinctures, and topical applications.

Muscular Dystrophy
Plant-derived treatment for muscular dystrophy is approved in several states for a variety of conditions that include severe pain and other debilitating symptoms. People living with muscular dystrophy are finding relief with this newly accepted medical treatment.

While the medication recommended by Total Health Clinic can’t cure cancer, it can drastically reduce the severity of symptoms and improve quality of life for patients. The capsules, tinctures, and topical medications recommended at Total Health Clinic can stimulate appetite, which may help with the weight loss, anorexia and cachexia that many cancer patients experience.

Evidence from laboratory studies, anecdotal reports, and small clinical studies over many years suggest that agriculturally-sourced treatment could potentially help control seizures.

HIV/AIDS patients experience loss of appetite and body weight. Some studies have investigated the therapeutic uses of agriculturally-derived therapy and observed increases in appetite and body weight.

Intractable Pain
Persistent and disabling pain can have numerous and sometimes multiple causes. Among them are cancer; AIDS; sickle cell anemia; multiple sclerosis; defects or injuries to the back, neck and spinal cord. Total Health Clinic can recommend capsules, tinctures, and topical medication to help.

Severe Muscle Spasms
Plant-sourced medication has become an increasingly popular option and an alternative to traditional prescription medications. Total Health Clinic of Louisiana is proud to help patients find new, non-addictive ways to control severe muscle spasms.

Crohn's Disease
Crohn’s Disease is a type of intestinal inflammation issue that is likely caused by the immune system essentially attacking otherwise harmless bacteria or food causing inflammation in the gut and bowels. The medications recommended at Total Health Clinic can help reduce the swelling and overall pain of this disease.

Parkinson's Disease
Because plant-centered medicines bind to the receptors in our body and brain, researchers have looked at whether they could link to basal ganglia and other receptors to modify the course of PD or help ease symptoms of the disease.

Research findings from as early as the 1970s show that plant-derived treatment relieves intraocular pressure, a key contributor to glaucoma.

Wasting Syndrome
Wasting Syndrome occurs as a severe side effect of some underlying chronic illnesses. When you have this condition, you find that you aren’t excited about eating, and your body doesn’t seem to be holding onto calories and nutrients when you do. You feel as though your energy has been zapped and may lose a significant amount of weight.

Muscular Spasticity
For around 2.5 million people worldwide with multiple sclerosis (MS), coping with aching, stiff, spastic and cramping muscles is something they deal with all the time. Another 15 million individuals with spinal cord injuries are suffering from many of the same symptoms — pain, muscle stiffness, sleep problems, and spasticity.

When you have autism, your brain processes information differently, changing the way you think, behave and interact with others. It can also make it difficult to communicate with other people and cause you to become overly competitive. These factors add difficulty to your daily functioning, especially when it comes to social interaction.

Other Conditions
New medical conditions and unique situations are added to the list of approved conditions all the time. We at THC are leading in the research and care of patients in need of medicines that are not addictive.

Total Health Clinic
Louisiana state board certified physicians, and support staff welcome the challenge of ushering in a new era in medicine.

With an eye on innovation and the education and experience to help grow the medical cannabis industry in Louisiana, our staff welcome anyone seeking a new path in their medical future.

Becoming a Patient
Becoming a patient is easier than you might think. One visit to our one of our locations will show you that medical cannabis treatments aren’t a future option. That future is now.


See some of the THC success stories
We have been poised to introduce non-opioid recommendations to Louisiana for some time now, and we cannot wait to help grow the education and understanding of plant-based medicine.

Click the link below to check out some of the patients who have a become part of the family of success stories brought home by Total Health Clinic.
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