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Honolulu Wellness Center
1330 Ala Moana Boulevard , Honolulu , HI 96814
9:00 AM - 9:00 PM
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Listed On: March 17th, 2020
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Please visit us at our call-back form at www.CannabisCardClinic.com or informational website at www.HonoluluWellnessCenter.com ... we're here to help.

About Us
Honolulu Wellness Center is a Honolulu Medical Marijuana Clinic

Honolulu Wellness Center offers phenomenal, genuine care and bonafide medical cannabis treatments to the marijuana community of O’ahu. Their cannabis doctors are dedicated to bringing aid to their patients, putting them first at every turn. From their 5-star medical cannabis clinic complete with ocean views and a private elevator to their committed doctors, Honolulu Wellness Center offers alternative treatments and empathy beyond the status quo. Medical cannabis patients with extenuating circumstances receive concierge service at a compassionate level. If anyone understands, it’s the medical marijuana doctors of Honolulu Wellness Center. Their team of cannabis doctors are patients themselves and know first hand the healing and wellness cannabis has to offer.

The cannabis doctors of Honolulu Wellness Center are proud to treat each of their patients with aloha. Honolulu Wellness Center’s doctors are on a mission to bring natural health and healing to the community of Honolulu. Their doctors see medical marijuana as one of the many ways their patients can achieve wellness. Honolulu Wellness Center operates their medical marijuana clinic with the goal of their patients becoming self-sustaining. Honolulu Wellness Center wants their patients to get better and offers medical marijuana and other holistic and natural treatments to achieve that goal. They are not interested in making money off of others’ illnesses, rather partnering with their cannabis patients to provide the resources necessary to achieving well-being. Their board certified marijuana doctors and stick to the Hippocratic oath, and provide their services with the utmost compassion and authentic care.

Care is available, no matter on which Island the patient resides. At Honolulu Wellness Center their staff provides services for marijuana patients on any of the Hawaiian Islands. Honolulu Wellness Center even offers house calls for patients that are homebound or have physical difficulty traveling. Appointments are necessary to receive a cannabis evaluation with one of their marijuana doctors. Appointments are easy to schedule: simply navigate to their site to select the preferred date and time. The cannabis doctors and staff of Honolulu Wellness Center are extremely responsive, and they encourage their patients to reach out to them with any questions or concerns they have regarding their health. Patients will need to provide medical records and any prescriptions that verify the patient’s qualifying symptoms as well as a driver's license, state I.D. or passport.

Honolulu Wellness Center is not a signature farm. Their doctors only recommend medical marijuana to patients who can benefit from its use. Their doctors also pride themselves on their transparency. All of their fees are upfront, they inform their patients about state fees and are happy to break down the cost, ensuring every patient feels confident and comfortable about their visit. Honolulu Wellness Center is sure to include as much bang for their patients buck. They offer free training and seminars where patients can learn how to formulate tinctures and oils. Their free seminars are hosted in a fifty person auditorium overlooking a beachside view.

Service Location:

Honolulu Wellness Center is located next to the shores of Magic Island along Ala Moana Boulevard. Their medical marijuana clinic is located between Kaka’Ako, Waikiki, and McCully Moiliili. Honolulu Wellness Center is delighted to offer their medical marijuana services to patients in Honolulu, including; Manoa, Kahala, Kaimuki, Fort Shafter, Makiki, Moiliili, Kuliouou - Kalani Iki, Alewa Heights, Aina Haina, Nuuanu - Punchbowl, Palolo, Wilhelmina Rise, Woodlawn, Kalihi Valley, Kalihi Kai and Liliha - Kapalama.

Location Information:

Honolulu is a city located on the southern shores of the Island of Oahu and is the capital of Hawaii. The Waikiki neighborhood offers up a lavish nightlife complete with fine dining options and high-end shopping. Diamond Head is a volcanic tuff cone known to Hawaiians as L??ahi. Kissaten Coffee Bar is down the street from Honolulu Wellness Center, and are open 24-hours and sport a menu of specialty coffees and cafe treats. Honolulu Zoo is in Queen Kapi?olani Park, nestled between the slopes of Diamond Head volcano and Waikiki. Waikiki Aquarium is the second oldest aquarium in the United States and has served as an institution for the University of Hawaii at Manoa since 1919.

First-Time Patients
New patients: Please make your appointment at www.CannabisCardClinic.com and please bring any available previous medical records and Photo ID. Please budget about 1/2 an hour for paperwork, doctor's appointment, and time to answer all of your questions. Mahalo

Aloha and Welcome! Get answers to all your Medical Marijuana Doctor's questions and set an appointment at www.CannabisCardClinic.com New patients: $188 (Debit, Credit, or Cash) Veterans, SSDI, Seniors, Quest, & Renewals: $150 PLUS you will need to pay $38.50 State Fee
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