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HMM Clinic
1019 University Ave Suite 6A , Honolulu , HI 96826
10:00 AM - 10:00 PM
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Listed On: March 17th, 2020
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We are a locally owned health services practice where your wellness is our #1 goal. We pride ourselves on providing compassionate care wherever it's most convenient to you.

About Us
Getting a Hawaii Medical Marijuana card, also known as Blue Card, Green Card, or Pot Card in HI, requires medical certification of a qualifying health condition. Our Hawaii Wellness Center is able to evaluate and certify your qualified condition. Common misconceptions are that providers that do these evals are simply "pot doctors" -we are licensed full practice primary care providers who also provide medical card evaluations. We offer legitimate evaluations for clients with qualified conditions.
We take our time with you to really get to know you and listen to what's going on. Initial evaluations without a caregiver are 1 hour, with a caregiver are about 2 hours.

First-Time Patients
Looking forward to working together for your ultimate health and wellness!

By Appointment Only --scheduling is done online at hmmclinic.com.
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