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Florida is down, but not yet out.

On November 5th 2014, thousands of Floridian Medical Marijuana Supporters were down about the news as Florida’s Amendment 2 unfortunately did not pass, lacking the 60% supermajority needed to make amendments to the constitution. However supporters of medical marijuana now only a couple of days later are already prepping for the next rounds two and (hopefully not needed) three. Although the vote failed to reach 60% in favor, the actual number of 57% was still quite impressive showing Florida and the nation that there is a strong interest in forward thinking in (at least) some parts of Florida in regards to medical marijuana.

Supporters are working on potentially proposing new legislature for as early as the upcoming spring of 2015. Last spring legislature was approved for legalization of the marijuana strand: “Charlotte’s Web”, a strand of marijuana with very low levels of THC in Florida. This spring supporters and activists are hoping to have another win.

If legislature cannot be approved or ready for the spring of 2015 there is also talks of revisiting Amendment 2 on the 2016 presidential election. Many are claiming that having Amendment 2 on the ballot in 2016 may spell danger for the Republican party as having Amendment 2 on the ballot may draw out more Democratic voters as many feel that liberals are more sympathetic to issues relating to medical marijuana.